These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Want to know what I'm really excited about at the Farmers Market right now? Here you go! 

Purple Brussels Sprouts from 2 Peas In a Pod

2 Peas In a Pod is my top choice for brussels sprouts. They grow the more traditional green variety, which are always perfect, but every now and then, they also have this purple variety. Purple brussels sprouts are a little more sweet in flavor, and a little less dense.

Purple Brussels Sprouts

Pink Lemons from JJ's Lonedaughter

One thing I love about what I do, is that it's so easy to make people happy just by bringing them little unexpected surprises- like pink lemons. JJ's Lonedaughter has them for a good portion of the year, and they are just so beautiful. The flavor is the same as a traditional lemon, but they are definitely a show stopper. 


The Displays at Schaner Farm Stand

One of the best sights at the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers Market are the beautiful displays that all farms have. A lot of farmers aren't big into technology- they're a little busy growing EVERYTHING. But, I've noticed a strong uptick in farms creating Instagram pages. I think they enjoy seeing that they have fans just as much as the next Insta person. Lately, Schaner Farm Stand has been stealing the show. Here is this week's display. 

Schaner Farm Stand Display

Dates from Bautista Family Organic Date Ranch

There are a few options for date vendors at the farmers markets I shop at, but my first choice by far, is Bautista. They have a large variety including Medjool, Khadrawy, Halawy, Honey, Deglet Noor, Zahidi, and Barhi (which are only around for the first couple of weeks of date season!). I tend to lean towards the softer, juicer varieties. My current favorite variety is the Khadrawy. 


"Broccolini" from The Garden Of.....

During the winter months at Los Angeles farmers markets, there are a wealth of options for Broccolini/Baby Broccoli/Sprouting Broccoli. You can find it at many farms such as McGrath Family Farm, Coastal Farms, Coleman Family Farm, and The Garden Of.....

You can't go wrong choosing from any one of these farms, but what I love about The Garden Of's "Broccolini", is that it is consistently tender and sweet and the stems aren't woody, so there's no need to trim anything. Just rinse and cook- or just eat it as is! 



Jarred Tomato Sauce from Tutti Frutti Farms

I know, I know, I know. Jarred Sauce???!!! But for those of you who may need or want a shortcut that you can feel good about, this sauce is for you. Tutti Frutti grows tons of organic heirloom tomatoes, along with an enormous variety of other produce. They use all of their own ingredients when making their sauces. Recently, they have expanded their sauce line to include not only their one spicy Pomodoro sauce, but now a super spicy Arrabbiata, and a non-spicy Roasted Garlic sauce. All of them are delicious and will give your homemade sauce a run for your money. Get some. 


Tutti Frutti Sauce