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Kelly Wearstler, interior designer, author, & fashion designer, picks Farmers Market Fairy as one of her Must- Haves.

“I always cart a supply of fresh fruits and vegetables to Malibu; however, with my schedule, I sometimes can’t make it to the Farmers Markets. This service delivers the best produce weekly. Fresh local ingredients make all the difference in cooking.”





Evan Kleiman, host of KCRW’s “Good Food”, blogs about Farmers Market Fairy.

Does it sound like a dream you’ve had for a while? As in, “I really wish someone would go to the market for me this week.” Well, that’s why Linda Mark calls herself the Farmers Market Fairy. Her chariot rides on a wave of fairy dust as she flits from one daily market to another, all in service of sprinkling the fairy dust of local fruit and (read more)



LA Times restaurant critic, S. Irene Verbila, writes about Farmers Market Fairy.

I recently got an alert that I have a new Twitter follower: Farmers Market Fairy. Who’s that? Her profile says it all: “Too busy to get to Local farmers’ markets for fresh, organic fruits, veggies, meat, & fish? I’ll hand pick everything & deliver to your home. Call 213-304-8682.”  I checked @farmersmktfairy’s website to find (read more)







 KCET’s, “The Nosh”, includes Farmers Market Fairy in a list of Los Angeles CSA options.

If the South Central Farmer’s Market box is for the normal folks, the Farmer’s Market Fairy is for the upper crust. Instead of having to head out and pick up your box, this is more like a personal shopper. You give the fairy a customized list of the items you want (based on what’s in season and availability) and she’ll head (read more)




Farmers Market Fairy gets a shout out in Daily Candy’s 2012 Los Angeles Health and Wellness Guide.

When the surprise of your veggie CSA wears off (potatoes, again?), make your list, check it twice, and then send it over to the Farmers Market Fairy. The founder hoofs it to the local markets five days a week to make sure you get fresh produce you’ll actually use. Ethical butcher shops and responsible fishmongers are on her (read more)



Tasting Table’s daily food blog writes a story about Farmers Market Fairy.

The ideas usually start running through our head on Tuesday nights. A helicopter? A jet pack? Teleportation? Public transportation? We’re willing to try any method to avoid crawling west on the 10 to land at the Wednesday farmers’ market in Santa Monica. But last week there were no harebrained schemes; a fairy (read more)