Farmers Market Fairy is a personal farmers market shopping and delivery service in Los Angeles. The way it works is very simple. Give me a list of organic produce you would like delivered (if it’s in season and available at the market, I can get it!) or I can help create your order based on your recipes, likes, dislikes, budget, and needs. I will then hand pick each item from one of the best farmers markets in Los Angeles, and deliver your farmers market produce to your door!

Call me, Linda, to discuss your list, needs, and the best market for you, or email your order.

Delivery fees start from about $50-$60 and up per trip based on the size of your order and the location of delivery (This does not include the cost of your groceries). Payment is accepted in the form of cash, checks, or credit card upon delivery. All credit card payments include a 3.5% fee.

**NOTE: Why is there a fee?

While companies and services similar to Farmer Market Fairy may not appear to charge a fee, or their fee may seem negligible, keep in mind that there is quite a steep mark up for their produce (which is often acquired at a significant discount due to advance bulk orders). My fee is completley transparent, not hidden through the mark up of produce or by placing the burden of taking a percentage of produce sales on the farmer. For the most part, I pay full price at farmers markets, which in turn helps contribute to making the farms I buy from profitable. When given a discount, I pass the savings along to my clients.  Everyone wins. I do not order in advance in bulk from farms unless requested by clients, but instead, I pick out each item my clients order by personally sifting through the best of the best (often from specialty, chef driven farms) to deliver unbelievably high quality. 

Los Angeles Farmers Markets:

Wednesday: Santa Monica
Saturday: Santa Monica
Sunday: Hollywood

Additional days/markets are available upon request and may incur an additional fee.